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Savoring the chance to inhale the Jerusalem air, always cool in the evening, and to walk along the white stone paths of this city, where every prayer is elevated. In the early s, when I was a child, my family emigrated from Russia to Israel, and we lived in Jerusalem. At that time, neighborhoods were being constructed, and our home was in a new building, one of only two, on Stern Street in Kiryat Yovel. Later, a zoo was built in the mountains, behind our apartment building. A harmony resounded with the early morning prayers of new immigrants from India, Morocco, and Yemen. As buses noisily groaned their early morning routes in pairs along the street, men wearing kippot rushed to synagogues for morning prayers. While I was preparing for a trip to Israel, I decided to add diversity to my visit by arranging a date with the assistance of a matchmaker.

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Basic Jews become responsible for observing the commandments at the age of 13 for boys, 12 for girls This age is marked by a celebration called bar or bat mitzvah Some synagogues have an additional celebration called confirmation Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah “Bar Mitzvah” literally means “son of the commandment. The Ashkenazic pronunciation is “bas”. Technically, the term refers to the child who is coming of age, and it is strictly correct to refer to someone as “becoming a bar or bat mitzvah.

Under Jewish Law, children are not obligated to observe the commandments, although they are encouraged to do so as much as possible to learn the obligations they will have as adults.

Bar Mitzvah literally translates as “son of commandment.” The word “bar” means “son” in Aramaic, which was the commonly spoken vernacular language of the Jewish people (and much of the Middle East) from around B.C.E. to C.E.

Pale as a sheet! Whom are you fooling? Also “ver geharget Ver dershtikt!: On the verge of tears. See “Farklempt” Ver tsuzetst: Ver volt dos gegleybt?: Who would have believed it? To be ruined Veren ferherret: To get married Vi a barg: Large as a mountain Vi der ruach zogt gut morgen: Where the devil says good morning!

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In its primary meaning, the Hebrew word mitzvah (/ The collection is part of the larger Jewish law or halakha. The opinions of the Talmudic rabbis are divided between those who seek the purpose of the mitzvot and those who do not question them.

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Bar and Bat Mitzvah

B’nai Mitzvah for boys, and B’not Mitzvah — Ashkenazi pronunciation: Thus bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah literally translate to “son of commandment” and “daughter of commandment”. However, in rabbinical usage, the word bar means “under the category of” or “subject to”. Bar mitzvah therefore translates to “an [agent] who is subject to the law”. Although the term is commonly used to refer to the ritual itself, in fact the phrase originally refers to the person.

It is a mitzvah to arrange a shidduch[1] [colloq: a match] between a man and a woman for the object of matrimony.[2] It is permitted to arrange a shidduch on Shabbos,[3] and if necessary, it is even permitted to discuss the financial arrangements on Shabbos.[4].

Return to the main Chevra Kadisha page. When a death is anticipated: A person who is very close to death is called a gosses. A gosses is still a member of the community and is to be accorded full respect, provided with every comfort, and may be counted for a minyan. It is forbidden to start mourning before the moment of death, or in any way to treat a dying person as if they were already dead.

Friends and family practice the mitzvah of bikkur cholim—visiting the sick. The rabbi and person on call for the Chevra Kadisha should be informed. This is a more personal version of the prayer we recite on Yom Kippur, and ends with the shema. Aninut—the period of time between the moment of death and the end of the funeral: When hearing the news of a death it is customary to say, “Baruch dyan ha-emet. You are indeed the Judge. Jewish tradition does not advise restraint in expressing grief:

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Thus bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah literally translate to “son of commandment” and “daughter of commandment”. However, in rabbinical usage, the word bar means “under the category of” or “subject to”. Bar mitzvah therefore translates to “an [agent] who is subject to the law”. Although, the term is commonly used to refer to the ritual itself, in fact the phrase originally refers to the person.

The Shidduch (Hebrew: שִׁדּוּךְ ‬, pl. shidduchim שִׁדּוּכִים ‬, Aramaic שידוכין) is a system of matchmaking in which Jewish singles are introduced to one another in Orthodox Jewish communities for the purpose of .

In many Conservative and Reform synagogues, girls celebrate their Bat Mitzvahs at age 13, along with boys. This also coincides with physical puberty. Regardless of the nature of the celebration, males become entirely culpable and responsible for following Jewish law once they reach the age of 13, and females once they reach the age of Moral responsibility for own actions Eligibility to be called to read from the Torah and participate in a Minyan In Orthodox denominations, only males read from the Torah or participate in a Minyan May possess personal property Must follow the laws of the Torah Modern practices Jewish boys Aliyah Calling someone to say the Torah blessings during a service is called an Aliyah from the Hebrew: He may also lead part or all of the morning prayer services.

Precisely what the Bar Mitzvah should lead during the service varies from one congregation to another, and is not fixed by Jewish law. Sometimes the celebration is during another service that includes reading from the Torah, such as a Monday or Thursday morning service, a Shabbat afternoon service, or a morning service on Rosh Chodesh , the New Moon. Celebratory meal The service often precedes a celebratory meal with family, friends, and members of the community.

In some modern communities, most notably among affluent North American Jews, this celebratory meal can eclipse the religious ceremony itself, often rivaling a wedding celebration in extravagance. Some communities may delay the celebration for reasons such as availability of a Shabbat, during which no other celebration has been scheduled, or due to the desire to permit family to travel to the event; however, this does not delay the onset of rights and responsibilities of being a Jewish adult, which comes about strictly by virtue of age.

Jewish Matchmaking Is Alive And Well, With Some Post-Shtetl Updates

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