The real reason iiNet customers are facing internet speed slowdowns after Netflix’s arrival

General Overview About the ASX Group ASX is one of the world’s leading financial market exchanges, offering a full suite of services, including listings, trading, clearing and settlement, across a comprehensive range of asset classes. As the first major financial market open every day, ASX is a world leader in raising capital, consistently ranking among the top five exchanges globally. ASX’s network and data centre are connected to leading financial hubs. Speed, reliability, state-of-the-art technology and the diversity of the user community, are fundamental to the success of the Sydney-based ASX Australian Liquidity Centre. We operate in a world class regulatory environment, meeting the highest global standards. Our clearing houses are among the most secure and well capitalised in the world, and help underpin the stability of Australia’s financial markets. ASX has over years of exchange experience and a highly skilled team of people. We put our customers at the centre of everything we do — 6. We are helping them to build wealth for the future, manage investment and operating risk, and raise capital to fund growth.

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Application for continuing detention order for a period of 25 months. Serious sex offences – long history of committing serious sex offences – likelihood of committing further serious sex offences. Defendant to be detained on an interim basis for a period of 8 months. Evidence – portions of “walk through” video tendered by defence at trial – prosecution objected to tender of whole video – in closing prosecutor invited jury to draw adverse inferences from portions played – trial judge refused to allow defence to re-open case to tender whole of video – whether re-opening ought to have been allowed – whether direction to jury required to overcome prejudicial effects of prosecutor’s invitation.

Duty of prosecutor to tender all inculpatory statements – whether prosecutor obliged to tender “walk through” video in whole or in part. Evidence of blood stains in pocket – whether accused had opportunity to respond to blood-stain allegation – whether judge’s direction to jury on this point sufficient. Evidence of blood stains in pocket not put to prosecution witnesses but mentioned by prosecutor in closing – whether judge required to give a Jones v Dunkel direction.

Sexual offences upon child under 10 fellatio, indecent assault, act of indecency. The offences were committed against a 9 year old boy in a toilet.

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At the time of the offences, the appellant was a practising. Elements of offence – meaning of ‘account’- whether to order new trial where Crown could not succeed on case put at trial but might succeed at new trial on different case based on same evidence. Accessory after the fact to robbery in company. Victim a taxi driver – 2 other co-offenders – respondent aged 18 at time of offence – strong subjective features – supportive family – no priors – good character – stable employment.

Lies – public deterrence – custodial sentence – vulnerability of taxi drivers working alone at night.

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There is work generated for the sake of saying that work was done. Peer Review Consider peer review. I recently received a review from a paper I co-authored in a good journal.

Traeger Park (currently known under naming rights as TIO Traeger Park) is a sports complex located in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia, and is named after Alfred Hermann park was officially opened by Anne Catherine Smallwood (nee Traeger) Alfred’s younger daughter. The primary stadium in the complex caters for Australian rules football and cricket and has a capacity of.

The religious group is unique in that they tend to shun many modern conveniences. From dating and playing with faceless dolls to their everyday routines and belief system, there are numerous extraordinary facets of Amish life. They can use electricity for emergency situations, work or whatever else they deem necessary. Pinterest However, their reason for largely avoiding the modern convenience of electricity may surprise you.

If you have ever seen an Amish man, you probably noticed his long beard but clean-shaven face. The exception to this, though, is men are required to shave their mustaches. It symbolized wealth or that you were in the military. Basically, anyone that is not Amish is referred to as an English person.

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He was born in New York City to Jewish parents. Although they had little formal education, his parents were determined to see their children succeed. While attending New York University School of Medicine, Salk stood out from his peers not just because of his academic prowess, but because he went into medical research instead of becoming a practicing physician. Until , when the Salk vaccine was introduced, polio was considered the most frightening public health problem of the post-war United States.

Annual epidemics were increasingly devastating. The epidemic was the worst outbreak in the nation’s history.


What we do Share Mission Australia provides youth services across the nation that support young men and women as they journey towards adulthood. Using our research, we develop and deliver support services, and stand up for our young people. For most young people, the journey from childhood to adulthood is full of change, uncertainty and challenges.

Along the way, they may experience stress at school, self-image doubts, relationship dramas and the pressure to choose a career path — things that are often considered to be part of the growing up process. For some young Australians, however, these everyday challenges are compounded by mental illness, family breakdown and even incarceration and homelessness. These are challenges that no one, especially those so young, should have to face alone.

With the right support, we believe every young Australian can reach their full potential and we know that prevention is the key. Young people who feel valued, loved and supported are much more likely to stay on track during their teenage years. We work with schools, families and communities to look for signs that young people are at risk of disengaging from school, developing drug and alcohol problems, losing contact with their family, becoming homeless or getting involved in crime.

Mission Australia youth and community workers then provide support through tailored art and music, alternative education, body image education, mental health awareness and drug and alcohol programs. Mission Australia is committed to the safety of young people in our care.

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George on July 9, at 3: Just putting it out there…. With a disclaimer that I am no handwriting specialist, I would suggest that either the note was written by lots of diffferent people unlikely or the authorities have managed to pick up lots of different layers of a busy scratchpad more likely, I think Some observations: The bottom line less round, but a very clear bar although that might be from the flourished AB I: The spaces between the characters is a little bit all over the place too…..

Of course, that being the case, it does seem a little interesting that there are no numbers….

The Hume Highway, inclusive of the sections now known as the Hume Freeway and Hume Motorway, is one of Australia’s major inter-city national highways, running for kilometres ( mi) between Melbourne in the southwest and Sydney in the northeast. Upgrading of the route from Sydney’s outskirts to Melbourne’s outskirts to dual carriageway was completed on 7 August

November 30 – December 6, Filled with a marvellous collection of Maritime Models, working steam models and associated items — a few samples of this vast collection are ours to dshare with you this week, courtesy of Capt. When did the Maritime Model Museum begin? When that contract had finished we started the Maritime Model Museum, which is the History of Ship Model Making and depicts many reasons that a model was ever built, dating back to BC when King Cheops built his first model of the Cheops ship, which was found underground in the pyramids of Egypt together with the full size ship.

Why were models originally built? Before the advent of Naval Architects designers tended to carve a model of the proposed ship. Having carved a model they then presented the model to the Admiralty or the ship owner who would then assess and test them by putting them in water. Then they would record the flow of water around the model. We have on display different models. We also have a number of models in reserve of the same collection.

We rotate the models on a six monthly basis. The Navy and the Merchant Navy have always played a very important part in the island of Australia and will inevitably continue to do so.


Darrell Lea sheds jobs Updated August 03, Australia Up to Darrell Lea employees around Australia have lost their jobs, with 32 stores closing permanently after the company was placed into voluntary administration three weeks ago. The decision to shut a number of the chocolate manufacturer’s under-performing stores was made by administrator PPB Advisory following what it describes as an “urgent review of the business”.

The administrator says it has canvassed feedback from potential purchasers, and believes the store closures will make it easier to find a buyer for the remaining 34 stores. The job losses will mostly affect casual staff, who make up more than three-quarters of the redundancies, with 16 part-time employees and 15 permanent full-time staff also out of work.

Club Med Confirm Continuing Strong Bookings for Their Bali Beachside Resort. Club Med confirm strong bookings ahead of the May to July peak dry months season.. Between fields of rice paddies and temples, the Club Med Bali Resort is a sanctuary for families and friends on the shores of Nusa Dua.

Johann Lenffer – this man set the trend of our fearless leaders Tim Pedley – Remembered for his night’s of speed dating and never catching the train, Tim left half way through his term to become an EU staff worker, and had to tone down his bad behaviour, and facial hair. It was under Tim’s reign that the Party Train ad was made thanks to Luke. Matt Moffitt – After Tim’s resignation, Matt appointed himself as el capitain until the election of a new leader.

Will it be you? We are a speficic ministry group westys within theEU. The party train is whole heartedly commited to the doctrinal basisof the EU, and it’s mission on Campus, as articulated through its 7 objects. Itwould be really great if you could come to the Annual General Meeting. It is a great opportunity to hear about what God has been doing in andthrough the Party Train in the past year, and to spend time in prayerto Him.

You also have the opportunity to vote for the next Executive.

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